Lee Jang Woo MC-ing ‘Music Bank’ + KBS Entertainment Awards Nomination!

Since it’s probably the last post for today, I would like to apologize for not updating woojungislove for almost a week. Most of you probably didn’t even notice it >.< But I still want to explain myself. Those who follow me on Twitter know that I faced some irresolvable problem: both of my computers have stopped to open any of WordPress blogs I usually visit, including woojungislove. More than that, my Internet provider Support couldn’t open it either and said that probably WordPress banned all of my provider’s IPs (LOL). WordPress Support is trying to help me because they indeed haven’t banned my provider or me. So here I am, using my friend’s laptop to cover WooJung’s week. T_T But I feel like eventually I’ll have to change Internet provider :| Anyways, there probably wont be regular updates for a while, but I’ll do whatever it takes to make a Birthday post for Eunjung! Since we’re already in the proper mood for it ^^ -yuoi-

And to more exciting news:

According to our friends from WooJung baidu and this Daum blog, Jangwoo with ‘Music bank’ has been nominated for Best Rookie MC (Male) Award in 2012 KBS Entertainment Awards. One of his rivals is Joo Won with ‘1 night 2 days’. And only by that you can tell that it’ll be a strong competition. But there is always a chance (especially knowing how those main channels like to award more than one nominee, like last year KBS Drama Awards where Jangwoo won Rookie Actor Of The Year along with the same Joo Won and Kim Soo Hyun :D). Also, UEE has been nominated in the same category but female version. The ceremony will be held on December 22th.

cr: Made-M

December 14th broadcast of ‘Music Bank’ canceled (and on 21th probably too) (allkpop)

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11 Responses to Lee Jang Woo MC-ing ‘Music Bank’ + KBS Entertainment Awards Nomination!

  1. reformat your computer 1st

    • yuoi says:

      You advise me to reinstall the whole OS? O___O Oh no, that’s the last thing I’m gonna do. The thing is that WordPress blogs dont open on 2 my computers (they have 2 hardlines, therefore they’re not connected to each other), and also my provider couldn’t open it either. So.. IDK.

      • oh, and I’ve made some little experiment right now: I use my own laptop with my friend’s hardline (we have different providers). and it totally works!! I can visit woojungislove and all other blogs on wordpress I love. ehhm =(

  2. Lovkook says:

    I love new headline
    Happy Birthday EunJung, I still remember hidden camera last year

  3. woojungie says:

    Happy birthday EJ! Maybe you will visit JW on the set this year too? :)
    Yuoi, maybe time to change internet service provider?

  4. woojungie says:

    Congratulations to JW on the nomination, I hope he wins!

  5. urpyi says:

    Don’t worry Thank for your job . Ofcourse I notice You didn’t updating your blog because believed or not the first page I check every day is woojungislove . I check it twos a day.
    Thanks alot.

  6. fafa says:

    ouch! yuoi…so you have problem with your internet provider…im happy you’re back with ton of update. seems our couple are doing great recently.i wish they will have more luck in the future.

  7. Jasz says:

    I notice also I check every other day and was wondering if there was no news at all. I am so glad to see some much news here today. I hope everything work out for you and you are able to keep us inform of what is going on. I greatly appreciate all your hard work in keeping this site running. Fighting and thanks for everything – keep up the good work.

    • Mally says:

      Yuoi do not worry, I understand and that others, for me it is enough that this product exists ;)
      Thanks for having us always aware of the lives of these beautiful actors :)

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