[Week 2] ‘I Do I Do’ Updates


Episode 3 -Air date 120606
Episode 3 synopsis – dramahaven
Ratings: AGB Nielsen – Nationwide 9%, Seoul 10.3%, TNS Media – 9.2%, 10.7% (3rd place among Wed-Thur dramas)

Links to RAW and Subbed Episode 3 HERE (woojungislove.posterous.com)

Episode 3 recaps
Live recap from vingle
Live recap from lilasia
Dramabeans (by Gummimochi)

Episode 4 -Air date 120607
Episode 4 synopsis – dramahaven
Ratings: AGB Nielsen – Nationwide 9%, Seoul 10.3%, TNS Media – 8.1%, 9.5% (3rd place among Wed-Thur dramas),

Links to RAW and Subbed Episode 4 HERE (woojungislove.posterous.com)

Episode 4 recaps
Live recap from vingle
Live recap from lilasia
Dramabeans (by Gummimochi)

——— EXTRA ———

News –
Kim Sun Ah and Lee Jang Woo Intimate Contact (dramahaven)
Lee Jang Woo Dance Frenzily while Lim Soo Hyang Suffer Greatly? (dramahaven)
Kim SunA Suprising Appearance in Lee Jang Woo’s Birthday Party (dramahaven)
Kim Sun Ah Slaps Lee Jang Woo Furiously in ‘I Do I Do’ (enewsworld)
“I Do, I Do” Lee Jang-woo steals the hearts of elder women (hancinema)
Saying Yes to “I Do, I Do” (seoulbeats)

[Week 1] ‘I Do, I Do’ Updates

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8 Responses to [Week 2] ‘I Do I Do’ Updates

  1. mona says:

    thank you soooooooooo much for download addresses. you are soooooo fast. you are the best. please keep supporting ido ido . iam waiting for ep4. i love you .

  2. mona says:

    i have a request. please give me its eng sub address. thank you

  3. jann says:

    I’m really loving I do I do…screw the ratings…who cares? The drama is brilliant and enough chemistry to go around spazzing for days.,!!

    • Usually I’m such a sucker for ratings and statistics, but surprisingly this time is not a case for me. It would be great for Jangwoo to have rating-successful project under his belt with his first lead role, but lets be reasonable, the other two dramas have not only big budget but great plot and writing as well full of action and cliffhangers (at least, that what I heard). You really have to have the right mood for a drama like ‘I Do I Do’ so I dont blame the regular drama audience for not preferring ‘I Do I Do’ over other two dramas right now, maybe the time will pass and they’ll see how beautiful this drama is (at least first episodes).

      I have two favorite dramas which had terrible ratings back to their airing time: ‘Flowers of my life’ and ‘9 End 2 Outs’. Watching them I just couldn’t understand, HOW in the world these brilliant dramas could get such low ratings. So things like this happen to the good dramas all the time.

      Honestly, what the most important for me is Jangwoo receiving good feedback about his acting. I really don’t want him coming back to second lead roles (though often second lead guys receive the biggest love from viewers like it’s now with ‘I Do I Do’).

      • bluegirl87 says:

        Yes I agree… I don’t really care about the ratings but I like this drama to get high ratings since high ratings means more chance for it to be shown to other countries. Its also were Jang Woo is the main leading character and if it succeed Jang Woo could have more projects. I want Jang Woo to succeed specially he’s always being scrutinize by other people… I can’t forgot how some people say he damages Eun Jung image and career. I wish the best for Jang Woo.

  4. Song says:

    We are Woojung fans;please do not get influenced by ratings.We support Jang Woo and Eun Jung forever.

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