‘I Do, I Do’: Kim Sun Ah shares The Cute

OMG, cuteness overload. Jangwoo looks like anime hero, the two look amazingly sweet together. Love!


Any jealous remarks will be deleted right away (I’m pretty tired of them already).
Please, support JangWoo’s career as an actor, and not only as a variety persona. Please, support ‘I Do, I Do’, Park Tae Kang, Kim Sun Ah and whole team! ‘I Do, I Do’, fighting!

source: KSA’s weibo cr: alodia4448 Thanks Alodia for uploading!

Also Kim Sun AH updates her FB


From Twitter: “@jennocent: 오오!! 짐 회사앞에 새 들마인가 몰겠는데 김선아랑 이장우 촬영중 ㅋㅋ


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9 Responses to ‘I Do, I Do’: Kim Sun Ah shares The Cute

  1. bluegirl87 says:

    I love this it looks both are having fun and have a good relationship at work =) I really hope they will have have good friendship. I’m so excited for this drama!

  2. Kira says:

    “Any jealous remarks will be deleted right away (I’m pretty tired of them already)” -> Oh! What happened here? Are there many harsh remarks about KSA and Jang Woo? I’ve been out in the loop. I’ll find those and bring justice! LOL. Kidding. :)

    Anyway, i love those pictures! And I looooove Jangwoo’s back and side profile! Handsome in deed!!! Love love it! And Sun ah is soo effin skinny! I love a little fat on her so she’ll look voluptuous, but either way i’ll take her. :)

  3. kai32 says:


  4. cintawoojung says:

    we always support Janggonim…. can’t wait for ‘i do i do’ airing. LJW fighting!!!

  5. Chingkhunnie says:

    Jangwoo was soooooooooooooooooooo cute in this video, really like a child. and what makes me exicted is that he said “Hello everybody” in Chinese!!!!!! lol I hope he can apply his own weibo or twitter account, and let us know more about him and his work

  6. iput says:

    I do really thank God for creating such a cutie as Jangwoo… Love the last pict..

  7. fafa says:

    woojung said the same phrase in chinese

  8. buttercup says:

    Wawww…love Kim Sun Ah cute pixie cut….I want that cut #LOL…. Jangwoo drop dead gorgeous figure also make them even cuter….i do i do fighting!!!!

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