Lee Jang Woo on ‘Strong Heart’ – Full Episode

RAW Full in HD:

cr: woojungislove

You can watch only cuts HERE

Bonus – JangWoo’s reaction to the kiss with EunJung and MinYoung (idea taken from baidu – brilliant! :lol:):


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14 Responses to Lee Jang Woo on ‘Strong Heart’ – Full Episode

  1. Catherine says:

    A slight peck on Eunjung made him so happy and a 47 seconds of kiss + hours of kissing can’t beat that XD

    btw thanks for putting jokwon here ^^

  2. “Lee Jang Woo un ‘Strong Heart’ – Full Episode”
    Oh yuoi, you’ve been extremely over-worked.
    un un un un un un un un un
    I fixed it =D

    This part makes me DIE:

    Disinterest vs. Pure Joy

  3. fafa says:

    If only EJ also participated at that time…….

  4. nia says:

    daebak!!! great job yuoi….;)

  5. cloudnine says:

    The kiss Jangwoo gave Eunjung was so sweet….just like a first love ” kissing”. The one in the drama with Minyoung was pure acting…and he did looking embarrassed watching himself. The happiness shown in his face, seeing the re-run, the kiss with Eunjung is so radiant, pure joy! You can barely see his eyes….lolololo

  6. kai32 says:

    jang woo oppa so handsome…

  7. mountain turtle says:

    hmmm jang woo looked like a real married man,being cautious around other women and trying not to look interested when talking abt women other than his wife LOL

  8. kabamify says:

    lol! just look at his mouth you can already see the big difference hahaha!

  9. jinna santos says:

    where can i watch strong heart with english sub title?i wish someone sub this and up coming episode of strong heart…i” m filipina….hope my wish granted…..(^_^)

  10. Bambypamby says:

    Honestly I don’t have high expectation for the next ep. of SH.

    I don’t think he will speak out loud and clear that they are dating for real. I guess he was asked about his jealousy (under the topic: man of jealousy) and he might say that because he feels its reality at that stage of his expression at that time.

    Because he has to be a lead actor role, and of course it’s his first main lead role, they need to create chemistry between actor/actress (or sometimes even love line).

    By easily confess that he is in love, dating, or probably has feeling for someone will give him bad effect rather than the good side.

    Dunno….just guessing that he needs to be cautious.

  11. Wow… love the bonus part! That’s awesome! ;D
    Thanks Yuoi for your hard work! ^^

    ***I love how you always respect others’ work, or even only the idea you took from them.
    You always give them credit :) Only if everybody does the same, that would create the lovely community! :D

  12. jinna santos says:

    I WATCH the preview of strong heart with eng sub.i was so amazed how jangwoo bravely spoke what he truly feel with eunjung…he really fall for her….eunjung ur such a lucky girl with a man who is not afraid of telling the word how much he love u…even he didn’t said the words i love you it means the same way…he’s not afraid of scandal and the show itself.he only want to be true to himself and everyone…lucky to have a guy like him….don’t afraid too..we are on ur side….(^_^)

  13. campuscouple says:

    u absolutely right jinna santos..eunjung is such a lucky girl…we will always support your luv..may happiness alwaeys shine upon your life….

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