Lee Jang Woo confirmed as a leading man for MBC ‘I Do, I Do’

Let me just repost Dramabeans’ article, coz I like it :lol:
And people, before starting acting all pess and everything, just think about it –
his FIRST REALLY REAL LEAD ROLE!!!! :D And with A-class star!!!!


Kim Sun-ah and Lee Jang-woo for I Do, I Do

Kim Sun-ah has confirmed that she will be headlining upcoming MBC romantic-comedy drama I Do, I Do, which is great news for dramaland. The story seems tailor-made for her: top-dog female executive has a one-night stand with bright-eyed, bushy-tailed new hire, and she gets knocked up (because don’tcha know — that’s the only outcome of one-night stands in dramaland, SIGH) leading to an unlikely romance. Her not-quite-white-knight, noona-loving hero will be played by Lee Jang-woo (Man of Honor, We Got Married).

Considering that a substantial age gap is the point of this pairing, I can see the potential in casting Lee Jang-woo. He was pretty much the only not-entirely-crappy thing about Man of Honor, and he fits the man-boy profile to a tee. She’ll out-act him, but her character is designed to outshine him, which will help.

Kim Sun-ah will play Hwang Ji-an, a thirtysomething top shoe designer, who commands the attention of a room and always looks impeccable. At work, she’s basically described as The Devil Wears Prada‘s version of a boss, which means of course that her life will come crashing down to earth off her self-made pedestal, when she takes her first left turn from The Life Plan by sleeping with the rookie. The hero, Park Tae-kang, is a naive but ambitious new hire at the company, who’s got nothing but a high school diploma and a good work ethic to his name.

The hijinks should be a-plenty, since you’ve got so many reversals in one premise–age, power, gender. I’m really looking forward to Kim’s return to funny since last year’s Scent of a Woman, which sure, gave her a chance to stretch her weepy chops, but I think comedy is where she really shines. The drama’s goal is described as trying to break the drama stereotype that all thirtysomething women have screwy lives and need to be rescued by princes on white horses in order to be happy. YES PLEASE.

Directing is PD Kang Dae-sun (My Princess) and writing is Jo Jung-hwa. I Do, I Do is slated for a late-May premiere on MBC, following The King 2 Hearts.

cr: girlfriday @ Dramabeans

Kim Sun Ah to Romance Lee Jang Woo in New Rom-Com Drama

Earlier today, representatives of MBC’s upcoming drama “I Do I Do” confirmed that it has casted Kim Sun Ahand Lee Jang Woo as its main leads.

Kim Sun Ah will play Hwang Ji Ahn, the best designer at a footwear company who has the complete package of brains, beauty, and talent. Not only is she good at her work, she’s also fashionable and cultured. Lee Jang Woo will play Park Tae Kang, a walking disaster. While he used to copy designs from well-known brands, he gets accepted as a new recruit at Hwang Ji Ahn’s company.

“I Do I Do” hopes to break the accepted social norm in kdramas of a thirty-something year old female protagonist in need of saving (aka marriage) by a young, wealthy prince. The romantic-comedy will premiere on MBC sometime this May, following Lee Seung Gi and Ha Ji Won’s “The King 2hearts.”

cr: soompi

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27 Responses to Lee Jang Woo confirmed as a leading man for MBC ‘I Do, I Do’

  1. jinna santos says:

    i really love kim sun ah and now she is paired by jang woo….eunjung is his lucky charm….hoping he realize it…(^_^)

  2. mountain turtle says:

    woohoo…more of jang woo on screen…congrats for your first real lead role!

  3. jaja says:

    Ok I am so eager to watch this drama!! and kim sunah is such a great actress! yes He always got the evil devil roles. and now we can see his brighter side which we always see in WGM. But i guess we can compare his acting with wgm.

  4. mimi says:

    Yeah!! Anticipating, sun ah has always be my fav.. N pairing with my fav jw for his first leading role!! Anticipating rom-com from this 2 person <3

  5. cintawoojung says:

    Congrats Lee-jang-woo…. although KSA older than Lee-jang-woo … but I hope… the drama will great with Lee-jang-woo as male lead… Why not choose Song-hye-kyo or Yoon-eun-hye…?

  6. kabamify says:

    whatever i will support you Lee Jangwoo because ILOVEYOU!..just dont leave WGM oh please…..

  7. chicafrancies says:

    Yaayy!! he’s got lead role.. congratsss JW you deserve it :)
    so happy he got this role, one step to his big carier.. he’s good actor, i’m sure he will be on A-class star list soon.. believe it!!

  8. cloudnine says:

    I am sure Jang woo is going to love his new role because Kim Sun Ah is a very good actress and of course a great Kisser…poor Eun Jung… another round of jealousy…lolololo!!!

  9. Love woojung says:

    Congratulation Janggoon-nim LEADING ROLE WITH BIG STAR KIM SUN AH ….wow
    It’s will be big Jump in his career ……..Deabak……I’m so happy for him,for our WooJung:)

  10. do you know what I expect?
    Woojung with babies, yeah!
    can we have scenario like: Jangwoo has to rehearse baby scenes for drama, so Woojung take care of a baby together as a preparation for Jangwoo :lol:

    this is MBC drama, so we can have things like this, pleaaase!

    • chicafrancies says:

      lol, i just thinking about that too, and i’m sure if it aired then we will see eunjung have two babys, the big one is her hubby hahahhahaha

    • Love woojung says:

      Totally agree with u.EunJung have good preparation on “hello baby”:)).But take 2 baby( big baby lee jangwoo=)) ) may be hard:)).

    • kabamify says:

      haha.. it brings back the memories of their one episode..Jangwoo gave a bear to Eunjung as a present so that she can practice how to handle a baby lol!

    • jaja says:

      Big baby Jangwoo!! and their baby! and I know yuoi like this photo of Jangwoo so much!! me too!!

    • Juice says:

      LOL..Youi..you become creative now..I like your idea..i hope mbc read this..he..he..i believe fans have a great influence to the success of the program..he..he

  11. apple says:

    Maybe this will be his break-through like MNIKSS for Hyun-bin?! Kim sun-ah will push him to his acting limits and further and it will only do him good for his big career ahead ^^
    I am very proud that he got this role, Jang-woo fighting!!!

  12. also, guys! it’s so nice to read comments on Dramabeans! oh god, whole time I lived with the thought that Jangwoo is hated by many (actually only by some T-ara fans) but now I can see that people are actually excited to see him next to Kim Sun Ah, ah!!

    please, please, scripwriter and director, do a good job! it’s gonna be good drama!

  13. Bambypamby says:

    One word for him — “He deserves it”

    We will support you. Do your best! ^^

  14. msearth says:

    omg..jangwoo..proud of you

  15. jknlet says:

    i don´t see them as a couple for the drama, but, i´m happy for Jangwoo.

  16. redyellow says:

    Yeeeee…finally a lead role for JW :)

  17. eunj says:

    EJ always brought luck to the man beside her. kimsoohyun first. her side when he first started WJ famous

  18. jastinel says:

    Lee Jang Woo you are one lucky actor, to collaborate with the rom-com Queen!

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