Lee Jang Woo on ‘Music Bank’

MC cuts

cr: CapsuleHD17

Congrats, T-ara, with 4th win!
‘Roly Poly’ is #18 in K-Chart O_O
JangWoo’s whistle ♥ of ‘Trouble Maker’ – #9

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5 Responses to Lee Jang Woo on ‘Music Bank’

  1. monica says:

    SUB PLEASE!!! or translation?>?? that’d be appreciated thank you :)))

  2. soya621 says:

    Uee’s dress is perfect! Jangwoo’s MCing keeps improving^^ his “HAHAHA” laugh ….0.o lol yeah his dad is a general after all xD his whistling is Love <3

  3. nia says:

    @yuoi : is woojung air this week?????really miss them…kyaaaaaaaa

  4. bluegirl says:

    Jangwoo looks like losing some weight again… a new drama soon? Hopefully =)
    I miss woojung anyway I’m thankful of their projects.

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