Watch WGM live – 17:15 KST

We Got Married airs every Saturday on MBC

To watch the show live, try any of the following options:


2) MediaFire: Solive Download  (great soft for watching all main Korean TV channels, big thanks to Na.Noon for the tip!) <- on 120303 doesnt work for me :/



5) KPOP JJANG  also has a list of live-streaming options on her blog. Check it out here.

6) via a media player: mms://

Click enter (or whatever you do once you input a link in your browser). Something should pop up prompting you to open a media player. Apparently, any one works (but I think it depends on your codec, because certain ones do audio only or something like that for me). Depending on your player, GOMplayer, realplayer, and windows media player have worked before.

You can also right click on your player, click “open url” and input the link there.

7)  TVUNetworks: 

  • Go to
  • Accept to install the required plug-in
  • After the installation, access the site once again
  • For MBC shows (including WGM) try typing  82048 or 89991 in the channel search box

You also have the option to download the TVU client instead of streaming through a web browser. To do so, just click on the Download TVU button at the top of the page.


credits:,, Sweet Potato Days

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11 Responses to Watch WGM live – 17:15 KST

  1. why the color of the video is hue how can i fix it?

  2. Như says:

    what the day we could wwatch WGM?

  3. natengchin says:

    :(, i just watching, i think, time for brave couple seems longer than woojung couple
    hope ep 39 woojung’time more and more :))

    • amy says:

      I think it was the last episode of brave couple thats why they get 40 min and woojung couple get like 17min…I’m relieved that brave couple left the show before woojung but I didn’t see that coming at all! I though they wouldn’t leave before february but now I’m scared for our woojung couple !!

  4. heavenlake says:

    watched it already. lurve everything~ <3 but a bit disappointing since the scene we've seen on last week's preview wasnt shown at all in today's episode. -__-

  5. bethf07 says:

    I think Woojung is gonna end soon; I mean brave couple just got a ‘mission card’ to end their relationship on the show while skating, what if they did that to Woojung without warning. I was bawling my eyes out when Brave couple had to leave; even if I didn’t know what they were saying.
    I’m scared :(

  6. amy says:

    Yeah Im happy woojung get more than 25 min today ^^

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